Category: Light Bars

DEFENDER® Lightbar, The brightest LED lighthead on the market with teh next generation of TriCore technology: TC2. Multiple colors (R/B, R/W, R/A, B/A) from one module.

  • Two full signals out of one lighthead - No more compromising signal strength and size by splitting a LED lighthead to get two colors
  • Turn a red/blue lighthead into a cleartakedown or alley light. This provides increased takedown or alley lighting at no additional cost or loss of emergency warning positions by adding standard LED takedown or alley lights
  • Full sized ArrowStik in your bar - No longer give up emergency warning colors to have an amber ArrowStik also. Now you can have both
  • Greater color and flash combinations now possible - Creates more flash patterns and color activity to alert motorists to your presence

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