SpectraLux ILS

Category: Light Bars

SpectraLux® ILS, interior mount warning light.  Built-in SignalMaster™ in rear models.  Front and rear models function together as a lightbar, offering front and rear cut-off along with dimming features.  Ultra bright white LED takedowns.  Perfect for slicktop, highway and undercover applications

  • Slim internal lighting systemreduces windshield obstruction and improves police officer visibility
  • Split, Passenger-side and Driver-side models available for Front Headliner
  • Single, dual, or triple ligth heads (6,12 or 18-LEDs per light head)
  • Vehicle specific shrouds to prevent flash-back for most common police car applications
  • Multi-vehicle model offers flexibility to mount the ILS in a variety of cars
  • Discrete models or optional serial interface module available for use in traditionally-wired applications
  • LEDs offered in combinations Amber, blue, Red and White
  • Five-year warranty


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