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Corner LEDs are built to withstand some of the harhest elements.  The 416900/416910 corner LEDs are made to stand the most punishing conditions while providing an impressive light output.  Each light head is completely sealed to prevent any water ingression, and the system comes with a built-in flasher that is detachable with a weatherproof connector.

Category: Light Bars

SPectraLux® ILS, interior mount warning light.  Built-in SignalMaster™ in rear models.  Front and rear models function together as a lightbar, offering front and rear cut-off along with dimming features.  Ultra bright white LED takedowns.  Perfect for slicktop, highway and undercover applications.

Highly Effective Ultra Slim Warning LightThe MicroPulse™ Ultra models have a low-profile design that offers a wider range of mounting options to fit various applications.  the advanced high-output LED lighthead can be programmed to operate as a single unit or in synchronization with multiple MicroPulse lightheads.  Built-in flash patterns enable multiple vehicle perimeter lights to be either synchronized in the same pattern or in opposite sequence.

High Performing Warning LightThe MicroPulse™ C Series lights are ideal for police cars, commander and work truck vehicles. The slim-line shape easily mounts on grille, rub rails, or other vertical surfaces. MicroPulse C Series models come in a variety of LED colors including Amber, Blue, Red and White, as well as split color combinations. Single color models have (6) LEDs and split-color models have (3) LEDs of each color.

A curved shape and powerful LEDs provide an impressive off-axis spread. MicroPulse™ Wide Angle's curve design and powerful LEDs provide an impressive 180-degree light spread. These perimeter lights are ideal for mounting on push bumpers, rub rails, side mirrors and spoilers of first responder and work truck vehicles. MicroPulse Wide Angle models are available in Red, Blue, White and Amber, as well as split-color and dual-color combinations.

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