Federal Signal

Federal Signal is The Driving Force behind the technology that provides safe and reliable emergency warning for first responders. It is our commitment to engineer the most reliable and high-performing products for your emergency vehicle.

Please contact Ka-Comm directly if you don't see the specific Federal Signal products that you are looking for. Below is a fraction of the products that Federal Signal offers.




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Superior public safety messaging system MB1 LED Messaging Board is a public safety messaging system that displays different advisories notifying motorists and pedestrians of emergency incidents, road conditions, and other events. MB1 LED Messaging Board is ideal for police, fire and work truck applications.

The MB1 system includes a LED message display and internally mounted controller. The MB1 has the capability to hold up to 500 messages. The controller enables the vehicle operator to activate the LED message display board with tactical push-buton control.

The Allegiant™ from Federal Signal, a dual color LED, low-profile linear light bar. Built with our exclusive SpectraLux® multi-color LED technology, Allegiant™ produces an optimum warning capability and an impressive flood light feature in an affordable light bar.


Corner LEDs are built to withstand some of the harhest elements.  The 416900/416910 corner LEDs are made to stand the most punishing conditions while providing an impressive light output.  Each light head is completely sealed to prevent any water ingression, and the system comes with a built-in flasher that is detachable with a weatherproof connector.