L3Harris Mobiles

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The Harris M5300 radio was designed to meet the critical demands of utility and public service users.  This mobile supports multiple operating modes, including Opensky, EDACS, P25 and Analog conventional.  With the optional GPS receiver module users can take advantage of vehicle tracking systems.  The M5300 can also provide secure communications with the optional AES feature.  Users can select between the standard CH-721 control head or the HHC-731 Handheld controller to operate this radio.

XG-100M, Full spectrum Unity mobile radio, The Harris Unity XG-100M Full-Spectrum Multiband mobile radio delivers end-to-end encrypted digital voice communications and is Project 25 Phase 2 upgradeable, once the TIA standard is finalized. The Harris Unity radio is manufactured in the U.S. Narrowband Capable Built-in noise suppression Full-color touch-screen display with next generation graphical interface 136-174 MHz/380-520 MHz/762-870 MHz in one radio all at the same time Analog/P25 conventional/P25 trunk operation Built-in GPS and Bluetooth wireless technology Capable of holding 12,500 channels.

The Harris XG-25M mobile radio delivers analog/digital voice and data communications in a budget-friendly package. This radio provides a trusted economical communications device for first responders, utility workers and public service users executing routine day-to-day operations as well as emergencies in their communities. The XG-25M is capable of operating in Analog, P25 Phase 1 and P25 Phase 2 modes along with offering Bluetooth Functionality for Wireless Communications.

The Harris XL-185M is the latest additional to the XL family.  This radio brings tomorrows technology to the field today for the public safety personnel that require it.